Add a New Employee

Located within the Scheduling module, on the Setup View tab, the Employees color bar allows you to add new or existing employees to a specific schedule. 

You can add a new or existing employee by clicking the "New" link, located on the right hand side of the color bar when expanded. This option allows you to search by the employee's Name, StaffReady Login Id, or Employee Id. 

*New Feature: You can now add an existing employee using the "Add Employees" button, located in the upper left hand side of the color bar when expanded. Using the "Add Employees" button allows you to search for an employee by one of the following:

  • Name
  • Department
  • Job Title

If you add an employee that already exists within the software, the system will find associated Employees based on the inputted information. This helps to avoid creating duplicate employees in the software.

Review the entire user guide  here

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